"Do the great while it is still small. The soul's work shines like gold."

Author, Mystic, Teacher, Preacher, Intuitive, Heart and Soul Healer, Spiritual Counsellor, Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, Gatherer of Earth Angels… 

Expect Miracles

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 ‘Do the great while it is still small.
The soul’s work shines like gold.’

I am the way of the peaceful warrior. I come to you in peace, not war. I carry no weapons, only my loving heart. I tread the earth with bare feet, soaking up her pain and bloodshed within my whole being, to be transmuted into love and peace. I am not afraid to speak my truth. My heart is filled with love, for I have a deep compassion for ALL forms of life.

Thank you for joining me in my Universal ‘kitchen’. My passion is feeding people with foods that delight the taste buds. Spiritual food for the soul is what is served up in my kitchen. So pull up a seat at my table and allow me to nurture you with love. Remember, the greatest gift you can give to yourself and others is kindness.


Spread your light through love and kindness and become the candle that lights the world with love.

From my heart to yours,

In love, peace, harmony and joy.

Jen xxx

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Jen Irishu

Author, Celebrant, Mystic, Spiritual Counsellor, Speaker, Workshop Facilitator,
Gatherer of Earth Angels.