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An E.T. Encounter.

prepare for contactThey are closer than you think!
Last night we had a visitor who said he was a being with three faces! He did not have three faces, however explained he came from a galaxy not in our solar system. His Galaxy has 3 moons. His energy was very cool, making our room quite cold.
He travelled with the speed of light along the galactic highway to Earth. An electromagnetic crystal force pulls space crafts along this highway or energetic river, he said.
It was all so interesting. The being was light silver. He appeared to be naked. He had small ears, slit eyes, his mouth and nose were not visible to us. He was bald and thin, not much taller than 6 ft.
His messages were gentle and loving.

This is not the first time this has happened. Each week we are receiving more and more visitors, each one sharing and caring for our Mother Earth.
Life is never dull in our house!

From my heart to yours in love. xxx


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