"Do the great while it is still small. The soul's work shines like gold."

An Enlightened Awakening.

I have been asked why I write my ‘Love’ books in diary form. I really love writing this way. It keeps me in the present, the now. When I concentrate on the day by day gems, instead of the past, I find this is when I am closer to the Divine source. By staying in the now, I am giving the adult me a chance to rise and shine, instead of staying in a dark place of the wounded child, the past.

More and more I am trying to put all of my energy into living in the now. Many days I have felt I have been living in a fish bowl, swimming
around and around, until I have become quite dizzy! However today, I seem to have become awakened to what my true purpose is. It is like a light bulb has gone off deep within the memory or remembering of my brain.

I am not here to give you enlightened teachings, insteed, to assist your heart through healing to become En-light-ened Beings, Beings of the Infinite Light.
We have all become so engrossed in the pain of the past, our hearts have forgotten to shine, or be light-filled. We have forgotten who we are, or maybe we have been too afraid to admit to ourselves who we are, through fear of the ego. To mask this fear, our heart-lights have been pushed into the background. Although, in truth, the light is never dimmed, only hidden from view until our awakening or remembering takes place. Until we say, no more, I am sick and tired of living in the past. Of not forgiving myself or others. Of hiding behind the shadows of our heart-light, En-light-enment will not happen.

My passion from this day forward is to awaken you to who you really are.

I know I have been trying already to do this, however, until today I didn’t know why. Now I do.
You are not the burdens or darkness from you past. They were only lessons to learn and grow from. You are the light that shines on those lessons, understanding they were for your light to grow, to become en-light-ened!

Reflecting on the Heart Light Gatherings, I can see how this was the reason I began to do them. My whole being was crying out to bring those who attend, and the outer circles, if I can reach them, back to the inner temple or inner light within the heart.

Although, up until now I have been shown many, many small pictures hanging up on my wall, I have never been shown the larger picture. The picture hook has been hammered into the wall ready for the time when the larger picture is placed in its rightful position for all to see, especially me!

I have a feeling this may be the day when I see my long awaited picture finally placed into its rightful position!

From my heart to yours in love, Jen xxx


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Jen Irishu

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