"Do the great while it is still small. The soul's work shines like gold."

Some Words of Praise

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Jen, My life was changed at our Heart Light Gathering. It was so emotional for me. I cried all the way home in my car and was hit with so much self realization. Everything has become so clear to me now… why certain things have happened in my life for so many years. I received the answer to it all. This has continued over the last few days. I realized that I have had my heart closed because certain people have hurt me greatly and I put up a barrier to try and protect myself.
So thank you, thank you, thank you for helping to set me on my true path and I hope we will meet again one day.

So much love and light to you. xoxo Catherine

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Dearest Jen, My thoughts about our divine afternoon is still imprinted on my heart…You provided a safe, loving, opportunity for all to open their hearts and shine, to reveal parts of ourselves, as I did myself, that hadn’t been opened for some time, shut, because people are too busy with their ‘stuff’. I felt so loved and supported and thus able to open my heart and share my journey with strangers. This was so healing, so, so needed to do before my next steps could be taken. I didn’t realise this before. It also opened my heart to others, to their journeys and their life challenges, to where their path had taken them to learn lessons, and how we can join as one to spread love and light. That night my heart chakra was so open I really could not sleep with this major change.
If the opportunity arises to join hands with Jen in a Heart Light gathering, jump mountains to go. Don’t be shy, be brave, share your deepest secrets with the love and support of so many on a similar journey. You will be supported, loved and you will shine so much brighter.

From my heart and I love YOU…Love you lots Suzie

Heart bulletThank you so much Jen for a truly beautiful day. To have such an amazing group of people around sharing life stories is not only incredibly eye opening but absolutely beautiful at the same time. You helped create a space of love and support through which we all could then express and heal as we told our stories. As for myself, to share my story with you all, and to get so much support while telling it, made it so much easier to express emotionally and helped me bring out a great hidden strength. After your gathering I stood up to my father and told him that I was quitting working for him, which I had plenty of courage to do, and am about to start my work creating my music, as well as focusing on my own health and healing business. I am also going to start dancing again and have already started doing more in my home but will soon start some classes once everything starts to follow a bit better. The change over of things has been a little bit intense but it definitely needed to happen and I finally feel ready for the future and the things that will happen. I want to say a big thank you also to Pina for the work she did and also for bringing you over to our little town so we could enjoy such a love filled day, and another big thank you to God and the universe for blessing us with such a beautiful day to share we so many beautiful people.

May Love and Light be with you always, Angus

Heart bulletJen, I got so much out of the recent gathering ….there were so many stories in the room that touched my heart and bought me to tears……the environment was one of sharing and caring and pure love. I can highly recommend Jen’s gathering to anyone considering attending. I am still feeling the positive effects of change in my life from that day….. and can also see it in others who participated.

Love and light to all. Cathy

Heart bulletI first heard about Jen’s Heart-Light Circle gathering through a friend in Adelaide. Not knowing anything about what it was or what would happen, I knew in my heart and soul that I HAD to be there. So without expectation, I flew from Melbourne to Adelaide to join Jen and others in what was to be a truly cherished experience. When I think of that blessed day, unconditional love is what first appears in my mind. Well, not in my mind really but in my heart – for this magical coming together was not of the mind, but of the heart and spirit. We formed a circle of love and light together as we each shared our stories of spirit and life; of the challenges that we have faced as Lightworkers and of love. We each received God’s love and guidance through Jen, a Divine blessing that words cannot describe. Through this sharing, much healing and releasing took place, healing that I am still feeling the effects of 2 months later. Precious bonds were formed between those in the group and I made soul-friends for life. Thank you so much Jen, for facilitating a truly Divine healing experience, etched with love in my heart forever.


Heart bulletJen, I had no idea what to expect from the Light Heart gathering and I guess that neither did most of the other girls who were there. It felt wonderful to actually be around like minded people for the first time in a long while.
The time we spent together was amazing in that each one of us had a very similar problem we were trying to deal with. I didn’t know why I had to come to the meeting, I actually turned down a concert that I had been looking forward to attending and came along to be with you. It is really interesting to see how people deal with their own demons and what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another. Amid the stress I was experiencing through just being there I felt very close to strangers of this lifetime who on another level, I think I have been with on another journey.
I must say that I did a lot of thinking while people were talking and my head is still full of thoughts and possible solutions or new paths to follow. Thank you for a great afternoon. May Gods healing love reach down and hold you in harmony and peace.


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