"Do the great while it is still small. The soul's work shines like gold."

mystical empowerment

Psychic ability is something we are all given at birth, a sixth sense. Throughout this one day workshop, you will learn to develop and use your psychic ability to its full potential.

Often we think we need to look external to our own psychic abilities to find guidance – you will be surprised to learn it is within you. You already know this, however, sometimes we need a little push to open ourselves up to the possibilities that lay dormant within.

I have developed this one day course to teach you how to connect with the spirit world and your own inner intuition. It is a wonderful time for you to learn how to communicate on your own. With many of us in the room at the same time, it will be a powerful bringing together of spirit.

Our workshop will include:

  • The importance of psychic protection on ALL levels.
  • How to create a safety cocoon of light to protect your empath sensitivity.
  • How to heighten your awareness to the energies around you.
  • Learning about those who come into your lives to teach you your lessons and to end karmic contracts.
  • Connecting with your Spirit Guides and Angels.
  • Learning to relax with a simple meditation.
  • Most of all learning to tell the difference between your messages or guidance and your own imagination.
  • You will learn so much on this day, information to leave you thirsty for more!
This course will run from 9.30 a.m. to 5p.m.
Your investment is $120.00
A deposit is required to secure your place as numbers are limited to twelve.
Final payment can be made on the day of the workshop.

What to bring?

  • A notebook and pen.
  • Your own lunch. A yummy morning and afternoon tea is provided.
  • Wear comfortable clothes.

If you are interested in securing a place, please Contact Jen


Remember YOU are the rainbow bridge to the connection between heaven and earth
…open your door and let the ones you love through!


I am based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Website: http://jen-irishu.com
Email: info@jen-irishu.com

Jen Irishu

Author, Celebrant, Mystic, Spiritual Counsellor, Speaker, Workshop Facilitator,
Gatherer of Earth Angels.