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Heart Rose Meditation – by Me

heart with roseI would like to share this meditation I teach and do myself for world and self-healing. It doesn’t take long and it does make a difference.

Sitting or lying in a comfortable position, gently close your eyes and focus on your in and out breath. Breathing softly, in and out. Relax. Relax. Let go of all that fills your mind.
As you take your next in breath, breathe your breath directly into your heart filling it with rose pink loving energy. Stay focused on the in and out breath as it flows in and around your heart.
Imagine a closed rose, tight in the bud, sitting within the heart, a rose of any colour of your choosing. I like to use a soft rose pink colour.
With your next in breath, breathe in the words, I am the light. Feel the golden or white rays of light streaming from The Creator penetrate your whole being, filling your heart.
Breathing out say, breathe or feel the words, I am love. Continue breathing in this way, repeating this mantra until all of the petals of your rose have unfolded into a perfect bloom.
Surround your whole being with the bloom of your special rose, still breathing gently, I am light. I am love.
Inhale the fragrance of your rose. Surround yourself with this loving fragrance of love and light.
Once you feel yourself in the loving presence of peace and light, extend this feeling outwards. Keep your breathing pure and gentle.
The first place you breathe out your love and light to is around your outer body, extending to your own dwelling. Extend your breath beyond to your neighbourhood, then throughout your country.
Once you feel the energy shift of your own country and surrounds, with your next breath of love and light spread your energy right across Mother Earth and beyond.
Send out to our earth the rose of healing, love and peace. Visualize peace, love and harmony, healing and unity.  I am love, I am light, we are love, we are light.
When you are ready you can draw back to your own heart center, making sure it is filled with all you have sent out throughout the Universe.
Taking a deep breath, repeat this mantra one more time, I am love. I am light. You are love. You are light. We are love. We are light.
Slowly and gently, still focusing on your breathing, make your way back to the room.

Do not doubt this will make a difference. Do not doubt you make a difference. Do not doubt we make a difference.
All it takes is love.
Thank you for taking the time to do this simple, yet effective meditation.

From my heart to yours in love. xxx


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Jen Irishu

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