"Do the great while it is still small. The soul's work shines like gold."

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book wizardWhen I speak, either on radio, T.V. or in person, my one message is clear…we are never alone, there is no such thing as death…and be open to the ‘spirit whispers’ of your loved ones who have passed over. animated butterfly book

My books were written for this purpose…they are not sad or morbid, they are joyful, graceful, educational, mystical, love-filled.

I wrote them for you..I wrote them for me…I wrote them for spirit and last of all God asked me to write them! I am very humbled to receive so many hand written messages, as well as emails from you. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts and journeys with me.

Some of these messages of love and support you will find at the end of this page.

With much love from my heart to yours,


“Grief is the breaking of the heart. If we can assist just one heart to heal, then sharing our loved one’s messages from the ‘other side’ is God’s gift for you.”

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~ Messages of Love ~

Messages of Love

‘Have you ever found a book that opens your heart, enlightens your mind and touches your spirit? Messages of Love- my spiritual awakening does just that.

Inside this very special book, you’ll gain deep and powerful insight into yourself, the afterlife and what happens after we die. It is a love story like no other, a love that lasts the sands of time between Jen’s one and only she calls The Boy, and herself.

If you or someone you know has lost someone they loved, then by all means, get this book today. If you or someone you know has lost their way in life, Jen’s journey will inspire and transpire you. You will laugh with her, you will cry with her, yet one thing I can guarantee you, by reading her story your life will be changed forever.’

Once in a lifetime someone special like you comes along…

Beginning as a premonition received through a dream, Jen Suddenly found herself at the graveside of her ‘other wing’, known as The Boy.
After The Boy ‘flew’, his spirit returned to her to say he had been slain…or had he?
Not in her wildest flights of imagination could Jen have dreamed what was to happen after his death…a whole new world of the unknown was to be come her reality.
This is the story of everlasting and eternal love…a love that has lasted beyond the sands of time.
Enjoy Messages of Love…it is Jen’s gift to you.

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Once in a lifetime someone special like you comes along to touch your heart. A love story like no other.

Messages of Love, by Jen-Irishu is an enthralling story about one woman’s struggle for a meaningful life.

Her difficult voyage through what can only be called a nightmare, takes the reader on an amazing journey down her Yellow Brick Road. Her story starts at the graveside of her beloved, known as The Boy. He died young and in mysterious circumstances, leaving her heartbroken. This followed a premonition she received through a dream. Not in her wildest of imagination, did she ever dream what was to follow after his death. A whole new world of the unknown was to become a reality for her.

After The Boy died, his spirit returned to her to say that he had been murdered. What was she to do with this information? Not only was she grieving, but she also had her love for him tested, over and over again. Theirs was a true love, which was never realized on the earth. The magnitude of this love could only be realized on the spiritual plane. This story is not a flight of fictional fancy like Ghost, The Sixth Sense or What Dreams May Come, although it shares themes with both. It is an exciting story; her life is both shattering and a pioneering experience. She shares with the reader her most intimate experiences, thoughts and revelations. She communicates a sense of personal closeness most people achieve only after years of loving friendships.

A woman’s love is sometimes far more powerful than anyone in the world knows how to reciprocate. Jen shows how the fullness and sublime passion of love, can be developed into a stimulating and compassionate method of self-empowerment, rather than boxed up and shut away.

Her triumph is nothing tangible. This is not a rag to riches story. It is the story of one woman’s struggle to stay true to her now chosen path, of healing and bringing through messages of love from the other side, for those who are grieving for their loved ones who have passed over. Her triumph is one of the heart and mind. Revealing and guiding the reader through the evolutionary potential we all have with in us, to communicate with the spirit world, bringing two worlds together as one.

“From a simple and uncomplicated life in a small country Australian town, I was raised as the eldest of four siblings and the mother of two children. A strange and unbelievable twist of faith pushed me over my line of fear, to become ‘The Voice’ for the Spirit Realm. With the passing of my ‘other wing’, my love, I was plummeted into a life of’ ‘in between’ two worlds.

I am now a devoted channel, visionary and leader in my now chosen field. When I said ‘yes please, pick me’, I hope and pray that through what could only be described as a never ending nightmare, I can inspire all who read my remarkable true story.” Jen-Irishu

“What stands out most of all is Jen’s strength of mind, body and spirit. Her loyalty to her ‘one and only’ and the Higher Power, is awe inspiring. In Harmony is her work, her passion. Jen lives it and breathes it. As a Spiritual counsellor she offers emotional, physical and spiritual enrichment. Through her Natural Healing technique called Rainbow healing from the Heart, Self Awareness classes and workshops, Jenny empowers her clients to ‘go within’. By bringing back their own sense of achievement and knowing that ALL their answers lie within their own hearts. Enjoy this story, it is Jen’s gift to you.” Christy Nearhos (Publisher)

~extract from the book….~
” It was at this time that I started meditating. Lynne taped some meditations for night listening. I hadn’t been sleeping very well and didn’t want to take any more sleeping pills. The Boy had given me a portable CD-and-tape player as a surprise gift, so I would sit up in bed every night and listen. Most nights I’d only get half way through a tape and fall asleep. Meditation also helped me in my daily life. I also began to experience light-headedness. I felt dizzy most of the time and walked around with my hands at the back of my head. I wasn’t sure if it was caused by hunger, weight-loss or heartache. Or maybe I had a brain tumour! About six months later I found out the cause. My Reiki Master told me I wasn’t grounded. I was living up there being a space-cadet, instead of having two feet firmly on the ground. I’d started to lift off and open up without even realising it. I still had so much to learn about this airy fairy stuff.”

“My throat became sore and constricted, the band was being pulled tighter. I wanted to scream. It was as if my whole insides were crying out to be heard. Please let it be over and done with soon! My dreams don’t lie. I can’t live on this razor’s edge for much longer……… 12:00 am. This is the night. I can feel it……… The Boy walked into my room and got into his usual side of the bed. I felt the doona go back as he slipped in beside me……… He said he needed help. Something had happened to him. Only I could help. I told him this was one time I couldn’t help him. He was dead. He didn’t believe me. He pleaded. Yet how could he be dead? We laid together until dawn, never expecting the new day would herald the call I was about to hear. That call ended my life as I knew it.”

“It was on this day that songs started to be sent to me, initially on my car radio. Later, the phone system at work. He would flash the red battery-light on my car’s dash, if there was a song he wanted me to hear. The phone at work was a different matter all together. The message-button would buzz. NO sound had EVER came from this button! That was my sign to turn up the radio for his message of love. It was his way of communicating. We’d played this game when he was alive. That was our dress-rehearsal.”

“I started to feel things on and around my body, especially the face. The feeling was like walking into a cobweb and having the sticky fibres cling over your face and hair. My ears became like antennas and acquired a kind of universal sensitivity. My nose started to react as if to sneeze, or if it were being tickled by a feather. At night I felt tingling sensations all over my body and I’d become hot or cold. This was so unlike anything I understood. I felt flashes of terror, cliff-falling moments of vertigo when I thought I’d gone too far, lost my purpose, forgotten who or where I was. What was going on? …… Things that didn’t add up. Certain events leading to his death were, well . . . bizarre! “

“The Boy still came to me at night. I could smell his cigarettes! I could feel his side of the bed go down when he lies on it. The cat is once again sleeping with me, but she keeps looking at something. It’s been three weeks, yet a lifetime since his death. So much has happened!”

“I’d begun to lose faith in Western medicine. I noticed patients leaving the consulting-rooms with a handful of scripts, feeling they got what they paid for. Did the doctor ever investigate the underlying cause of the problem? Are they just putting Band-Aids on great festering wounds? Why not, eh, if it keep ’em coming back? I was frustrated with the system. My heart cried out for some kind of justice for patients. Someone to answer their calls for help. The true cause of dis-ease is not just symptoms, it is the emotion attached to that symptom that is the underlying reason for us to be at dis-ease with out bodies. Why couldn’t anyone hear their cries for help?”

“The Boy came into my room. I saw the drapes moving……. …… I knew our time was limited……He promised me we’d be together in our next life. It had been promised. – I woke up crying into my pillow. I spent all night with him in between sleeps. He’s still with me this morning, for how much longer I don’t know. He came into my body.”

” You and your beloved friend had an initiation into the other side of our teachings. It takes all kinds and types to pass on the teachings of the universe. Don’t scoff at different sects, they give you different perspectives on the Lord our God’s teachings and philosophies. Keep your mind clear and simple at all times…..”

“Until the human mind worries about its own karma, instead of being so judgmental, peace will never reign. Humans must follow their own passion and experience their own inner bliss, until this is done, discontentment will fester into almighty boils. Apathy and resentment, loss of heart, mind, body and spirit, loss of direction, anger ,jealousy, greed, grief for the loss of our vital spark sets in and rots. These are all FEAR based emotions which dis-ease the temple within. We’ve lost sight of what really matters: love, compassion, empathy, joy, laughter, happiness, an open heart, body and soul.”

1. Love is eternal.
2. Guidance through spirit communication, signs and intuition.
3. The journey of self-discovery.
4. Understanding and using your psychic gifts.
5. Connecting with your own spirit whispers.
6. Awakening and transformation from the heart.
7. Trust in your own strengths, knowing all is as it should be.

Some words of praise

Messages of Love

Australia and New Zealand only

Hard copy $25 +$10 pp (Australia Only)

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International-UK, Europe, Asia, America, Africa etc

Hard copy $25 +$25 pp (International Only)

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Ebook available from Amazon

Messages of Love, my Spiritual Awakening
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~ The Angel in my Dreams ~

The Angel in my Dreams

ANGELA AND ELI invite you to join them on the journey of their lives.

Kairi and Manu, their Guardian Angels transport them through the galaxies, stars and planets through the seven colours of the rainbow, to a world they never dreamed existed…it is called Heaven.


Come…reach out…Angela and Eli wish to take you by the hand and fly.

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ANGELA AND ELI invite you to join them on the journey of their lives.

Kairi and Manu, their Guardian Angels transport them through the galaxies, stars and planets through the seven colours of the rainbow, to a world they never dreamed existed.

Come…reach out…Angela and Eli wish to take you by the hand and fly.

What a beautiful and inspiring story Jen. My children couldn’t wait for bed reading time to come. Can’t wait for the next one.” Grace. Queensland Australia.

“After reading this great book I learnt that there is no reason to be afraid or scared of dying, and there is always someone over the rainbow, in heaven to look after you no matter what age or description you may be. I also learnt, from reading this book to be more kind and caring towards other people and your enviorment. A great read for children aged 7 onwards”.
Riann aged 13

Sample from the book…..

Angela appeared to be wide-awake, although she knew she was asleep.

All of a sudden something woke her. She felt a soft touch on her cheek. Angela opened her eyes in a flash. She gasped when she saw floating at the end of her bed the most exquisite sight that she had ever seen. In the middle of a golden glow was an angel. And not just any angel, this one was so beautiful, with enormous wings radiating different colours. She had a smile like nothing Angela had ever seen before. She was so ‘out of this world’ that there were no words to describe her.

Angela rubbed her eyes. She thought she was still dreaming but the angel, wrapped in the colours of the rainbow, was still there floating, gently smiling down at her.

“Are you real?” Angela whispered, adding “What are you here for?”

“Oh yes. I’m very real. I am here to take you on a journey. Would you like to come with me? There’s something I want you to see.”

How could this angel talk without opening her mouth? What she said went straight to Angela’s heart. No words were needed. Angela thought she could try it too because if she thought it, she wouldn’t wake anybody. She knew her mum didn’t sleep very well and was always listening for the slightest sound coming from her bedroom and if she came in now, how could she explain?

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Enjoy The Angel in my Dreams – God used my hands to write it for you. -Jen-Irishu

The Angel in my Dreams

Australia and New Zealand only

Hard copy $25 +$10 pp (Australia Only)


International-UK, Europe, Asia, America, Africa etc

Hard copy $25 +$25 pp (International Only)

Ebook available from Amazon

The Angel in my Dreams- Ebook (Epub format)
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~ The New Adventures of Angela and Eli ~ ( E-book only )

The New Adventures of Angela and Eli

ANGELA AND ELI’s adventures continue. Instead of the coloured curtains they now explore the unexpected through coloured doors.
New lessons and teachings await them as they join together with new characters and the voice from Heaven, known at The Creator of All”.

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The Second book in Jen-Irishu’s Angel series has just been released in ebook format.


ANGELA AND ELI’s adventures continue. Instead of the coloured curtains they now explore the unexpected through coloured doors.

New lessons and teachings await them as they join together with new characters and the voice from Heaven, known at The Creator of All”.

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The New Adventures of Angela and Eli

The New Adventures of Angela and Eli
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Ebook available from Amazon

The New Adventures of Angela and Eli
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~ Messages of Love and The Angel in my Dreams ~

Messages of Love and The Angel in my Dreams

Australia and New Zealand only

Total cost $45.00 +$20 pp (Australia Only)

International-UK, Europe, Asia, America, Africa etc

Total cost $45.00 +$30 pp (International Only)


I have been blessed to have been asked to co-author in many books, three of them being, Visits From Heaven and Vists To Heaven, by Josie Varga, available at Amazon, and One Page Wisdom at http://www.onepagewisdom.com

Some words of Praise for Messages of Love – my spiritual awakening

& The Angel in my Dreams.


Jen, With grateful appreciation I send this note of thanks for writing ‘Messages of Love’, which I finished reading last evening. WOW! You wrote my story… I received answers to so many questions, i.e. dizzy? Grounding! I am now inspired to write my own book.  Blessings, Skye.

Unbelievable so far!! Can’t put this book down!! Ann.

Dear Jen, I am reading your book ‘Messages of Love’ and I love it completely. It is such a lovely notion of life after death and it has raised many questions for me, especially around the subject of reincarnation. Well, I must get back to reading your book, I am fascinated to find out what The Boy is up to next!! Kind regards, Louise.

Dear Jen, My name is Connie. About a week ago I was given a book to read. I am about half way through it now. I try and sit down with it any chance I can. The book I am referring to is your book, Messages of Love. As I started reading the book I was overcome by emotion… I thought I was reading parts of my own life. Some of the feelings and emotions you were having are so similar to what I am having now! Thank you so much for writing it. With love and blessings. xxx

Thankyou!!!! Very helpful and insightful Just what I needed!! Thanks again, Jen.

Dearest Jen, Hello beautiful lady. I simply had to email you as I’m reading your amazing book, “Messages of Love”. I’m up to page 169 and I cant put it down. I want to tell you I went to the opp shop the other day and was “PULLED” to the books, and there was your book SCREAMING AT ME TO TAKE IT HOME. I thought, mmmmm Ok, not a Danielle Steel but it seems to want me. so I brought it and haven’t been able to put it down… I’m loving it. Thank you, thank you, Debbie.

I am loving reading this book…tender, raw, bittersweet and spiritual. Fabulous. Suzi.

Hi Jen, Words cannot express how much my children and I have healed through The Angel in my Dreams, and how many holes you filled by sending me that book. I’m half way through. I could read it over and over. It is the most brilliant x infinity thing I have ever read. I am in awe at your gift to write and heal. I am forever grateful to you for this gift and to God for creating you. I’m speachless. It surpasses all the needs I need to help my children and
myself.  I love you  beyond words. Rachel.

Wonderful…a copy should be on every family bookcase. Joy and Bob.

Dear Jen. Although you don’t know me, I feel I have known you for all your life, after reading Messages of Love, and now, The Angel in my Dreams. I just HAVE to write to you and congratulate you on another beautiful book. I bought The Angel in my Dreams for my niece, who has a terminal illness. Her family have been in turmoil, as they have had to come to terms with her approaching death. Your book has helped them more than my words could ever convey on paper. I cannot wait to read any following books you write, knowing they will touch many, many other hearts, just as I and my family and friends have been touched. Forever yours in gratitude. Judy. xxx

The Angel in my Dreams assisted us right through the last months of our daughter’s life, Jen. Every night she would ask us to read it to her. When she passed, she was so calm. We are sure she saw her Guardian Angel, as you promised she would. Thank you so much for being brave and touching on a subject many shy away from through fear. Yours in gratitude, Libby and Peter. xxx

Jen, I am not sure if you realize what a beautiful book you have written. I am a school teacher. My grade six students are so inspired by it. Your book has everything thrown in to make it joyful, inspiring, uplifting and very readable. Dorothy.

Fantastic, recommend to all. Love and blessings, Blue Moon.

Hi Jenny. I felt I just had to write this letter and tell you this – yesterday I found your book, The Angel in my Dreams in a book shop. I am a single dad with two little daughters. Last night your book was their bed time story. My eldest daughter, who is five, looked at your photo on the back cover and called you her angel! Each night I am going to read a chapter to them. I must say I was overcome with emotion at how beautifully you have captured the story of Angela and Eli. I read it right through last night after my two little princesses went to sleep and loved every page of it. Thank you, our angel Jen. Greg.


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