"Do the great while it is still small. The soul's work shines like gold."

Heart Healing

Rainbow Healing from the HeartHands-on Chakra and heart healing is close to my own heart. I love it so much I have developed my own healing method called, ‘Rainbow Healing from the Heart’.

I remember quite a few years ago, sharing this story in Messages of Love- my spiritual awakening. I was frustrated with myself for not using the Reiki symbols I was taught. I sat quietly in meditation after this particular healing I had just completed, and asked Jesus if I really needed to use the symbols.

My answer was simple, “Dear one, do you think each time I touched and healed I used a symbol?”
So there it was, my answer straight from the mouth of my guide and Master, Jesus.

I was always fascinated with colour and the workings of the chakras. I have been astounded how, using the gift of the Universal divine energy, which is available to ALL of us, how much healing can be done on an energetic and heart level.

Once I have handed myself over to God to receive His healing touch, for I am only the assistant healer, I allow my whole being to open up to receive any divine messages my client may require from their loved ones in spirit or their guides as well as healing energy.

I find it assists my clients if I spend some time with them before hand to find out what it is they would like to have healed. I like to give them some homework to do on the table! Until we realize what the cause of the effect is, many times we are just putting Band-Aids on gaping wounds, expecting them to heal.
From my own experience, deep heart hurts and emotions sometimes need a little assistance to heal.

If you are feeling physically sick we go to see a doctor to get a prescription to fix our ills. Yet, if we learn to understand our body and spirit, through the workings of the chakras, you will be amazed at what YOU manifest through dysfunctional energy wheels, or chakras within the body and energy field or system.

I am here to assist you to heal and reach your full potential towards self-empowerment and self-love.

“Healing may not be so much about getting better,
As about letting go of everything that isn’t you –
All of the expectations, all of the beliefs – and becoming who you really are.” Jen-Irishu.

Healing hands and heart for web
Testimonial-‘Jen, to be honest with you I didn’t quite know what to expect from my healing with you. All I knew was that my guides were pushing me to have a session with you. Wow! What a life changing experience! I felt so light afterwards, as if all my heavy burdens had been lifted. Burdens I didn’t even know I was carrying within my body and soul. I am not sure how to thank you enough, for no amount of money could repay you for what you have done for me, through the messages you passed over from my mother in the spirit world, from my guides and through your magical healing hands. All my gratitude, Sarah.’

Your Investment*

My healing room This is a picture of my healing room. If you feel you would like to spend some time in it, place your intention on the room. Imagine you are lying on my rainbow coloured table. Call in your healing angels. Take deep relaxing breaths, breathing in and out with the intent for healing. Let go and allow your healing to take place.
Some very powerful healings have happened using absent healing from this rainbow cave, as my grand angel calls it.
Enjoy! From my heart to yours in love. xxx

1 ½ hr guidance and hands on healing consultation – $135.00
1 hr hands on healing treatment – $100.00
1 hr healing relaxation treatment – $100.00



I invite you to take 30 mins out of your day to enjoy this Healing Heart Chakra Meditation.


animated rainbow heart
Balance your chakras

Because I work and live with colour, believing they influence our lives, I would like to share their meanings and uses with you.


Basic Chakras and their explanations.


Violet:  Sahasrara. 7 Crown. Top of the head. ‘To know’. Self knowledge.
Calming for body and mind. Good for meditation and prayer. Enhances purpose and dignity. Heightens our awareness and helps us to give of our very best. Purifying.
Indigo: Ajna. 6 Third Eye. Above/between eyebrows. ‘To see’. Intuition. Self-reflection.
Non material. No fear. Charismatic. Total vision. Master of one self. Telepathy. Sedative. Helps to open up our intuition. The colour of divine knowledge and the higher mind.
Blue: Vishuddha.  5 Throat. Centre base of the neck. ‘To speak’. Self- expression.
Calming, relaxing and healing. Not as sedating as indigo. Also the colour of communication. Good speaker. Artistic. Centred. Lives in the now. Easily experiences divine energy.
Green: Anahata. 4 Heart. Centre of the chest. ‘To love’. Self acceptance.
Balancing, harmonizing and encourages tolerance and understanding. Unconditional love. Emotionally balanced. Empathetic, compassionate.
Yellow: Stimulates mental activity, feeling of confidence. Helpful for study as it helps us to stay alert.
Orange: Warming and energizing. Can stimulate creativity. Orange is the colour of fun and sociability.
Red: Energizing, exciting the emotions, stimulates appetite.
Magenta: is the eighth colour in the colour spectrum and is a combination of red and violet, thus it combines our earthly self and spiritual self, thus balancing spirit and matter. It is uplifting and helps us to gain a feeling of completeness and fulfilment.
Turquoise: Cool and calming and good for the nervous system and immune system.
Pink: This colour soothes and nurtures. It helps to dissolve anger and encourages unconditional love.
Black: Used with another colour enhances the energy of that second colour. Black gives us the space for reflection and inner searching.

Areas of Use

Violet: Alchemist. No fear of death. Miracle worker. Open to the Divine. Places of worship, entry areas to clinics and hospitals, festival areas. Pale violet
in bedrooms.
Indigo: Not suitable for areas for entertainment but for more ‘quiet’ places. Bedrooms, treatment rooms.
Blue: Any rooms except those used for physical activity or play.
Green: Depending upon the shade, can be used for most areas. Use with other colours as well to avoid the balance and harmony becoming more like total inactivity and indecision.
Yellow: Activity rooms, entrance halls. Not for bedrooms as can interfere with sleep – it tends to keep our minds “switched on”. Not ideal for areas of possible stress.
Orange: Any activity area and creative areas. Not ideal for bedrooms or areas of possible stress.
Red: Any activity area. Needs careful choice of tone and depth and the space in which it is to be used. Can make a space look smaller and be claustrophobic. Used well, however, red can make a space feel warm and cosy. Often used in restaurants.
Magenta: Lecture spaces, chapels, halls etc. Not ideal for play rooms or activity rooms.
Turquoise: Any room except it is not ideal for activity areas.
Pink: Ideal for a baby’s or child’s bedroom.
Black: Not ideal as a single colour, but when used with care, can enhance and complement other colours in almost any situation.
White: Any room, but it can be a little intimidating to some Needs to be broken up with another colour or with plants/ornaments/pictures etc.

Gemstones used to balance chakras.

crystal healing

Violet: Clear Quartz, Apophilite, Selenite, Amethyst.
Indigo: Amethyst, Flourite, Sugilite, Charoite.
Blue: Sodalite, Lapis, Azurite, Blue Lace Agat, Kunzite.
Green: Watermelon, Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, Rhodonite.
Yellow: Citrine, Golden Calcite, Goden Topaz.
Orange: Carnelian, Rutilated Quartz, Amber, Citrine.
Red: Hermatite, Black Tourmaline, Red Jasper, Garnet, Ruby, Bloodstone.

Have fun with colour. You can heal, uplift and energize with it, mind, body, spirit and soul.




Are you an Empath?

One of the biggest problems that psychics have is getting unwanted information that is disruptive to their daily lives. This is especially difficult for those that resonate most strongly to emotional
Are you an empath data. We know them as Empaths. People that feel other people’s emotions. If you are anything like me you will find this will happen even if you go to the supermarket or chopping centre. I find my body swells up when I am taking in another emotions or baggage. I am like a sponge and have to take special care with cleansing my aura and energy system.
I have to pay particular attention to my body after I have completed a counselling session or healing. To cleanse myself from unwanted energies I make sure I shower. I ask for all to be released from my system, imagining all negative energies that belong to me or that don’t be washed away down the drain. I then surround myself with the golden rays of protection.
Jesus came to me one day to tell me I MUST do this everyday if I remember. If not, I cannot go to bed at night after having a client session with their energies embedded in my energy field.
Healers and practitioners, it is so important to make sure you do this daily, for you are the ones most susceptible to psychic and energy attack.

Jen                                                                        xxx



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