"Do the great while it is still small. The soul's work shines like gold."

Jesus has Risen.

Channelled by Jen-Irishu.

To my dearest children of lightness and love,

I have asked my beloved, Jen, to speak to you today on my behalf…although I speak to you all every day, yet sometimes you just don’t want to hear me.

I am here to tell you it is now time to take me down from the cross, and remember me as the resurrected son/daughter of our Heavenly Father. The reason I am asking this of you is; I can see right into your hearts and see the crosses you are carrying deep within. I see the thorns that are embedded, instead of blooming rosebuds. I see the blood dripping from your brows.

I say this to you; isn’t it now time to lay down your crosses, take off your crowns of thorns, and rise to a new and healed you? Isn’t it now time to resurrect yourselves from your past. Take along to your new roads the richness of those wonderful lessons you have learnt along the way? Isn’t it now time to thank all those who have been a part of your journey, as they volunteered to assist you with your learning and healing?

Yes, dear ones…they volunteered to assist YOU. They did this out of love for you, not malice or hatred, LOVE.

Understand we are all Sons and Daughters of God. I was born as the ‘living symbol’ so you would understand more clearly. I am no different to you. We are all the Christ…the LIVING Christ.

Do I look into your eyes and think to myself you are lowlier than I? No! I look into your eyes and see a mirror…an identical mirror image of myself. If I can see that in you, then why can you not see it in yourselves?

I have come to speak to you today not to criticize or ridicule you. I don’t need to do that, as you already do it enough to yourselves. I have come to ask you to stop, and stop right now. Not in a minute, an hour or a day. It is time now to stop making excuses for your misery and rise from the dead.

Dearest ones, our Father, your living God, wants only the biggest and the best for his children. He/she only wants for you to reach your highest mountains, whatever height they may be. He/she is waiting to greet you, knowing you have unloaded all your worries and woes on your climb, as they were burdening you with their weight. And do you really need it anyway?

In this month ahead, before I speak again to you through my beloved, do you think you could do this favour for me? TAKE YOURSELVES OFF THE CROSS AND LIVE.

Yours in love and HEART.
Jesus, The Living Christ Within You.


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