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Life Rolls On

As usual, life rolls on, continuing the ebbing and flowing of serendipity.

I have just arrived home from being down the beach for a short retreat. On the last day, my husband Chris and I were sitting on the balcony of his parents’ unit having breakfast. Watching the waves spin their magic, with surfers looking like seals riding into the best tube, people swimming, and children with parents splashing and making sand castles, I commented on how horrible it would be to experience a Tsunami. As soon as I had voiced this, the mobile phone rang – it was one of Chris’s sons – had we heard about the earthquake and possible Tsunami in Chile? Chris looked at me, as I had also been telling him about another of “those dreams” I have, which was linked to this!

After the phone call ended we turned on the TV to see if the news had any information as to whether we should evacuate – it was forecast Australia was in the firing line of a Tsunami, which was to hit in around ½ hour or so. As we were staying right on the beachfront, I wondered what we should do! Everyone was living their life normally around us. The lifesavers hadn’t called those in the water to return to the shore. Life continued as normal.

Yet, on the other side of our ocean, all was I chaos. Lives had been lost – many lay injured wondering if they would be found. Homes destroyed, blood, dust, rubble, despair, uncertainty, endings, grief, sorrow, anger – happenings I, or those who were enjoying their Sunday down at the beach couldn’t even imagine!

On the same day, in another part of the world, more natural disasters – many more lives taken – many more homes destroyed – many more wondering why their lives have been turned upside down!

In my channeling, towards the last pages of  “Spirit Whispers” each issue, you will read my Masters have been warning us of these happenings. We have read, and heard about the many earth changes and challenges for a long time now. Spirit has been assisting us with these messages to get our lives in order… to be prepared. My guides have been telling me for a few years now 2010 will be a year of many upheavals. It will be the prelude, so to speak, to the path leading to the doorway of 2012.

These changes/challenges are not new – all through history our earth has been in constant change and evolvement. It has been spoken about in the Bible, sages and seers have been predicting this for many centuries – this is all necessary for our new world of light to manifest.

I wondered, as I showered, if a Tsunami or earthquake were to strike us within the hour, and I was to leave this life, would I be prepared? As a counselor, and meeting and communicating with so many who are wounded in one way or another, heart wounded, and working with those who have passed over as a Medium, who have still carried so many regrets and shame over to the “other-side”, did I have any unfinished business. My answer was very clear – yes. Although I have done sssoooo much work on myself in the past couple of years, there were still a few little things that popped into my mind I needed to clear before I could say I was able to rest in peace. I KNOW everything that happens in our lives is for a reason, in one way or another – all for our learning, or karma, or whatever – but sometimes we just need to say to another, for a wrong doing/hurt we have caused, I’m sorry.

Working with the “dead”, I have come to see how regrets seem to keep that person chained to their loved ones on earth until they can clean the slate. In my first book, Messages of Love, my other wing was filled with so much guilt and remorse for the life he lived while on earth, and as much as others were trying to tell me to get rid of him, or that I was the one keeping him bound to me, I realized through him, he had chosen to stay close to the earth, and those with whom he had unfinished business with, until he had righted all the wrongs he had done while “alive”.

One day on radio I was asked what I called myself. “Doctor of the Soul”, was my reply. I thought, Doctor of the Soul? Why would I say that? It wasn’t until recently I realized what that meant.

Our children for Christmas gave us a voucher to stay in the same hotel Chris took me to on our first night together. We decided to go on that same date, nine years later. Having breakfast, looking over the Brisbane River, I commented to Chris how I wished I could get some guidance from other than my own intuition and inner voice.

We had some spare time to fill in before we needed to check out. There was a craft/food market nearby so we decided to take a wander around. I spotted a lady doing readings – I felt she was calling me. I asked her if she had a spare spot and she said she could do a reading for me there and then. I asked how much? Looking in my wallet, I had almost enough, so Chris gave me the last couple of dollars. It wasn’t until the end of the reading did I really receive the guidance spirit wanted me to hear. She spoke about John Edward, Charmaine Wilson and other mediums. She said they were in service to bring much comfort to those wishing to receive messages from their loved ones in spirit, in order to heal. As soon as she said this, I burst into tears – I saw my purpose! I was in service to do the exact opposite – my job was to heal the dead! I could not stop crying. I was overwhelmed with the knowledge and truth of my being on earth at this time. My crying was finally allowing my whole being to acknowledge it at along last. The true meaning of Doctor of the Soul fell into place – healing the soul to move onto higher realms in the other world! OMG – that was my purpose –  healing the dead?

With so many leaving our planet, and are still to transit, I am calling out to all to tie up loose ends, repair all the broken pieces of your relationships with those who have been in your life, those who are in your lives and those who are in the spirit world. Heart healing must happen – not just in case something was to happen to you, but because your soul is crying out for you to heal.

Don”t let the sun go down with any unfinished business and most of all, don”t take any of that unfinished business with you when you decide to go home!

Chris and I were invited to a film night at the Gold Coast. Now I am on the way to getting The Angel in my Dreams made into a movie, people in the industry are being presented to me from all angles, (hopefully the camera angle as well!). Anyhow, there was a man from Africa as the guest speaker. Teddy is from Ethiopia originally, before living in Egypt, Japan and now a citizen of Australia. Teddy has written a book called, “No One’s Child”. It is his story of discovery, recovery, adversity and hope. After he had finished his talk I saw him go outside for some fresh air. Spirit asked me to follow, as I needed to meet him. I told Teddy about “The Angel in my Dreams”, speaking passionately about how one of the characters is a little African boy, and how I wanted to show how different the cultures were between Angela, an Australian, and Eli, my little African boy. One thing lead to another and Teddy invited Chris and I over to his home for dinner to meet his wife and share.

As I listened to his story, and how forgiving and accepting he seemed to be for all that had happened to him – his mother raped at 14, his father denying him to be his child, his life in refuge centres in three different countries and his dedication to doing charity work for African causes, I wondered if he was as healed as he thought he was. I shared with him how I do my counselling, using one word to go back to the source of the first scar. I listened as he said he was rejected from this country and that country, each putting him back into detention homes. Rejected jumped out like a sore thumb. I asked him had he repeated rejection because from a baby that is how he felt. “I never looked at it that way”, was his reply.

I shared this story, because even though we may think we have forgiven and healed, until we’ve “seen and felt” what the emotion is we have set up for ourselves throughout life, we cannot fully heal our hearts!

I then went one step further asking him if he ever thought, now his father has passed over, how much regret his father must be carrying. My father came to me recently – he was sad and sorry for the things he regretted in his life on earth. I told him to get over it because I wasn’t carrying any anger over my life, as his daughter. That night he came in a dream and thanked me for being so forgiving. He said he could move on now and asked how he could assist me. I saw that as tremendous growth for my father, and yet again it gave me an insight to how the “dead” still carry forward, into their spirit world, the need for forgiveness.

How about giving yourselves permission to heal your hearts and those who have left us in the spirit world? If you decide to leave us, as you never know when that time may come, you can fly to places beyond your wildest of dreams – for the truth has set you free!

Until we come together again in the next issue, may God keep you safe in the palm of his hands. Know how loved you are. Allow His/Her grace and blessings to pour into you  – all you need to do is to ask!
Your faithful companion in love and light.


Tewodros Fekadu’s book, “No One’s Son”  is available at www.noonesson.com. A compelling read.


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