"Do the great while it is still small. The soul's work shines like gold."

Messages from Beyond the Veil

Tomorrow I am a celebrant for the funeral of a lady who has just passed over with cancer. Last night I dreamt of her. She was singing a popular song from my girl-hood crush/idol, John Farnham, called Sadie.
The lady was going through what looked like a scrapbook. It was quite old because I noticed the pages were yellowed.

These dreams are not unusual for me..I am given them each time I am to do a funeral for a grieving family.

I am always quite apprehensive as to what I am to do with them. I know spirit wants me to pass their messages of love over to their grieving families…but, how will they receive my messages? Do they believe in spirit communication? Will I upset them even more?

I thought, what the heck, be brave and just go for it.

When I spoke to her husband this morning, I handed over what I was given in my dream. He laughed, saying he used to play that song to her all the time. She was a mad John Farnham fan too!

We then shared some views about death and dying. He said his wife was not afraid of dying, only leaving her family behind was her worry.

I explained to him that what we grieve most of all is not always about the one we have ‘lost’, rather than the fact they have left us all alone. It is usually about us, not them!

I know this sounds a bit harsh, and yes we do miss the ones we love, however, we seem to get so lost in the grief, we miss the opportunity to live your lives with new beginnings instead of endings.

After The Boy, in my book Messages of Love passed over, I could have locked myself away in a deep, dark place of no return. Instead, by his graveside I vowed to make his life and death worthwhile, by doing all I could to serve God and humanity.
I felt this was the only way to remember his life mattered, and our life together mattered. Together, he in spirit, and me left on earth, could now work side by side in new ways we never could achieve on earth, or thought could be possible.

Look for the signs your loved ones give you after passing to show they are always near. Be open to receiving them. Don’t ever feel you are imagining a soft kiss on the cheek, a tender touch on your shoulder or a song on the radio that is just for you.

My new childrens’ book, The New Adventures of Angela and Eli, book 2 in the Angel series, as well as Messages of Love touches quite deeply on my experiences with spirit comunication and signs.

This comes from my heart to yours…Jen xxx


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