"Do the great while it is still small. The soul's work shines like gold."

My five gratitude blessings each day.

1890997_10153102766206888_8118463945899059113_nI live in gratitude for all my blessings.
May you be blessed, if even in the smallest of ways during your life.
Every evening before I fall asleep I recall 5 blessings in my day and give thanks for them.
This is an easy way to remember to give thanks for all I have, seen and felt throughout my day.
So far today I give thanks for waking up. For warm flannelette sheets to snuggle up in on a crisp Sunday morning. For the glorious winter sunshine that is streaming in on my crystals, spreading dancing rainbows across the room. For the breakfast provided to me. For a soothing hot shower.
If I don’t have any more blessings to be thankful for on this day, my wish has been fulfilled. Thank you

From my heart to yours in love. xxx


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Jen Irishu

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