"Do the great while it is still small. The soul's work shines like gold."

Where oh where is Love?

I don’t think I have ever felt such heart sadness as I do right now.

What is happening to us? What have we become? Where is the love Jesus and many other prophets taught us about? What has happened to kindness?

On Facebook a couple of weeks ago I sighted a picture that shocked and rocked me to the core. Lying in a heap, by the side of the road in Gaza were what we would have once recognized as being our mother, father, son, daughter, family members and friends. Now they, our loved ones, were a pile of bloodied flesh and broken bones. Some were headless. Some were missing limbs. Empty eyes were glaring into the camera lens, eyes that were meant to only see the beauty that surrounds us, now filled with fear and death.

Also on Facebook I saw a picture of a father holding up his plump daughter, just a toddler under two. She was wearing a pretty dress, frilly socks and white shoes. There was one thing missing though…her head!  She and many, many other children had and are still being beheaded!

My heart is hurting as I type these words.

What would make a hu-man, God-man being do this to another?

I know this is not something new, wars like this have been raging probably since the beginning of humankind on earth. Yet, this is not an excuse for it to keep on occurring. Haven’t we evolved spiritually to understand this is not the peace we aspire to reach?

Why was the ML17 plane shot down? So many innocent lives lost in one instant. One Ukraine woman woke to find the body of a young girl had fallen through the roof of her home and landed on the kitchen bench! She had fallen, like a dead bird from the sky.

Now we have the Ebola Virus in Africa. I am sure it will soon spread to other countries as well, like AIDS has.

I asked my guides for an answer to why our beautiful Mother Earth is going through so much right now…many natural disasters, loss of lives and loss of kindness towards our fellow man and the animal kingdom.

My answer was that many soul families decided before this incarnation to have what is called a Soul Family Exit. This will be happening more and more in the coming years, until humanity learns to come from the place of the heart, the way of the heart, and not though the egos of the head. We cannot enter in to The New World until we vibrate from only this place, the heart. It is only though the way of the heart can this happen and will happen.

Will this be in my lifetime? I believe it will.

Why would a human being cut off the fin of a shark to make soup? Kill a whale for oil? Slaughter an elephant for tusks, as with a hippo? Why kill our brother and sister gorillas, apes and monkeys, let alone cut down their habitat? Do we need to make shoes and handbags from croc skins?  The list goes on and on…our animal kingdom is in danger of becoming extinct all because of greed.

We have been incarnated into extremely important times in the evolution of the Universe and Universes. As above. As below.  We are a mirror of the other. If I lived on the sun, moon, Venus or any other planetary system I would be horrified if earth was mirrored on to me. I would run and hide, too afraid to show myself in case a small spark of the hate we feel for one another was reflected in to my soul, a soul filled with only love. All I can pray for is that the love that comes from such places is reflected back to earth, filling it with light.

As the saying goes,  when the light shines too brightly, so does the shadow.

Hearts that choose love as a way of life will one day unit our world. When we share joy and happiness we give two of the most powerful medicines in the world.

When we give kindness it is the highest form of wisdom.

Let your light shine. Be a source of healing and compassion. Share your wisdom. Radiate love. Be a blessing to all…it begins with only one person, you and me.

Today, I am going to spend some time in meditation, prayer and reflection. I am going to dedicate this day to tying harder to being kind, firstly to myself, then to my fellow man. I am going to spend some time opening my heart even wider and sending the love I am feeling outwards to those who have lost the way of the heart.

Can you also spend, even a minute in reflection doing the same?

Last week we lost Robin Williams. The whole world was shattered. I was too. Do we feel the same way about the headless child, or the pile of dead bodies lying in the rubble? Do we feel the same way about a gorilla with his hands cut off, lying dead on the floor of his kingdom. Do we feel the same about a mother elephant, lying dead with her baby beside her, bleeding with huge gaping holes where once her tusks once were? Yes, Robin’s wonderful legacy will live on, but what about the legacy of those slain?

We are murdering each other and our magnificent planet brothers and sisters, with words, deeds and actions!

Come on people! Let’s get together and love one another RIGHT NOW!

This comes with much love from my heart to yours, Jen xxx







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