"Do the great while it is still small. The soul's work shines like gold."

Our meditation day for the activation of the crystalline energy.

The great crystalThree weeks or so ago I was asked by God to bring together higher beings of light to do an Earth, crystal, ocean activation. I did not know what was involved. All I knew was to do as I was asked to do and put it on Facebook, knowing it would fall into place with the right people attending.

Over the three week period, after I was given the date to do it on, being last Thursday, the 16th July, making the number 22, which breaks down to 11.11. I received many high beings giving me information as to why this was to occur.

I questioned it all over and over again. It seemed such a huge asking, not for the meditation itself, however, for the reason behind it. I wondered if it was in our power to be able to pull this off.

I was reminded and taken back to 2000 when I was asked by spirit to go to Trinity Beach, north of Cairns. At the time I wasn’t sure why, believing I was to meet my love who is in spirit for a rendezvous! I have written all about this in Messages of Love, my spiritual awakening. Little did I know spirit or God had other plans…I was to be the instrument to stop a cyclone!

The Elohim, The Brotherhood, Melchizedek, many Masters and others formed together to speak to me about the importance of this gathering.

I was asked to do a meditation, not only on opening the heart chakra and sending this light throughout all, I was also guided to invoke the energy from The Great Crystal, to anchor that energy, bringing it down from above, deep into Gaia. This was to re-awaken, or re-energize all the crystals laying dormant under the surface and deep within the core of our earth. These crystals will be exposed in the near future, bringing with them great healing powers for those who use them wisely.

I was also asked to bring in the dolphins. I noticed the room was filled with them.  I asked through our meditation for this new energized and awakened crystal energy to be taken out into the oceans for healing and changing of the radio frequencies within the currents of the sea.

I and those who were with Chris and me on Thursday have to believe we played a HUGE part in changing the earth’s frequencies.

I believe we did. I am sure my friends who were a part of this awakening process believed as well.

Thank you Infinite Light for choosing us to do your work on earth. We will continue to carry the light within our hearts and be of service to you.

In love and gratitude, from my heart to yours, Jen xxx


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