"Do the great while it is still small. The soul's work shines like gold."

God’s messages surround us with love and guidance.

After months of work I am proud to announce our Rainbow Shop is now open for business.
It has been magical how it has all fallen into place…it first started with a dream. I first thought my dream was telling me to open a physical shop, however no, it was to be an on-line store. Not having the finances to buy stock, I was ‘told’ by spirit to take orders for talented souls who love to make and share their beautiful products.
‘They’ said my suppliers would find their way to me, so not to worry too much about filling up the ‘shelves’ in my shop!
How right ‘they’ were!
I am forever in awe of my spiritual advisors. They guide me in ALL ways, even telling me what vitamins I need to take!
Many times we are so busy in our day to day lives we don’t take the time to stop and listen to our ‘spirit whispers’. I am fortunate, I receive most of my information in my dream state. However, if I can’t quite work out the messages, I am given them in many other ways.
God’s messengers are all around us, His earth angels, who are ready to pass on His messages to us if we don’t seem to hear or see them.
Do yourselves a favour…take some time out of your day to listen, truly listen to your guidance. Your whole lives will change in an instant if you do.
With much love and gratitude for you…Jen xxx


I am based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Website: http://jen-irishu.com
Email: info@jen-irishu.com

Jen Irishu

Author, Celebrant, Mystic, Spiritual Counsellor, Speaker, Workshop Facilitator,
Gatherer of Earth Angels.