"Do the great while it is still small. The soul's work shines like gold."


Tibetan Buddhist Prayer

May you be at peace,
May your heart remain open,
May you awaken to the light of your own true nature,
May you be healed,
May you be a source of healing for all beings.


This page I am dedicating to World Peace.  We cannot have peace until we become peaceful. Mother Earth and all her inhabitants, whether human, in the animal kingdom,  the nature kingdom, the ocean kingdom, or the sacred ground we walk on and underneath is bleeding. Her wounds are open and raw. It is our responsibility to make changes, drastic changes. Our children and their children are needing a better place, a planet of harmony and it is up to us to give it to them.


My friends Bart and Jody have put together this beautiful meditation for you to ponder on the word love and all it means to our planet and all who inhibit her. They have graciously allowed me to share it with you.

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  One World Love Meditation


One World Love Meditation - Bart and JodyThis is our gift to the world. Please share the meditation with everyone and help spread LOVE!

“Gently close your eyes and relax… Take a deep breath and exhale gently…. Take another deep breath and exhale gently…. Relax…. Relax…. Focus now on each breath as it flows… Be aware of the centre of your chest, this is your heart centre. Become aware of a light shining in your heart centre. Imagine it as a ball of radiant white light pulsating with loving energy. As the light pulsates imagine it becoming brighter and brighter and more and more loving with each pulse.

This is the light of infinite love that you are… Relax… and just enjoy the beautiful loving light…. Know that this light of love is infinite and shines on always in whatever you are doing or wherever you are. Imagine this light now expanding into a magnificent universe of which you are a part of. Imagine yourself floating gently and easily through this Universe. See the stars, the planets, the galaxies… Feel your bliss as you enjoy these awesome surroundings. Become aware of the Milky Way Galaxy and float towards it… Become aware of the beautiful planet Earth and float towards it.

You are close enough now to see the entire planet magnificently existing right before your eyes. Be aware of how you feel right now as you behold this vision of planet Earth. Gently move closer to Earth. Zooming in now, see how beautiful this planet is with the magnificent land formations and expansive oceans. As you are observing, know how much life lives amongst all of this beauty. Now let yourself be aware of all the human beings moving around on Earth. Be aware that each one has this beautiful love light shining within their heart centre no matter where they are or what they are doing. Realise they are all connected through this love light.

Floating peacefully be aware now of your own love light within the centre of your chest. Feel the connection with all other human beings. Now say out loud or quietly within yourself, “I love you as I love myself. I see we are the same beings of love.” Realise you have all been on an amazing journey together and now you are remembering again who you truly are and it feels blissful. You know this is a time of great change and that a grand shift is taking place on planet Earth. You become aware of many, many people feeling the same way you do. Relax. Now gently bring your awareness to where you are right now in your physical body. Relax. Breathe. Be aware of your heart love light.

Feel a lightness in your body and a sense of newness. You can still feel this connection of love with all others on Earth. Feel the unity of heart, feel how much you love each other unconditionally. Feel a sense of conscious awareness of each other as one whole being of love. Imagine this one whole being as a massive ball of love light shining endlessly. Feel the bliss of this oneness. As this one being, be aware of the decision to now create one world love. Know that the time has come for this to become our living reality.

Feel the agreement we have made to begin the journey of awakening, to remember who we are once again, beings of love. As this one being, imagine Earth as a living paradise, all of nature in alignment, all people and Earthly creatures living in harmony and joy together. Imagine your life filled with joy and beautiful heart filled relationships with others. Imagine everyone has everything they have ever wanted that brings love and joy into their life. Imagine the entire planet Earth shining brilliant light that reflects the consciousness of love that is within the planet. See and feel the harmony, joy and peace that exists here.

You feel beautiful, full of love, happiness and anticipation of the creativity of your new wonderful life sharing as one being of love. Say out loud or quietly within, peace and love to all on planet Earth. Peace and love to all countries. Peace and love to all people on earth. Peace and love to all minds, bodies, hearts & souls. Peace and love to all homes. Peace and love to all twin flames. Peace and love to all marriages. Peace and love to all mothers and fathers. Peace and love to all the children. Peace and love to all the animals and creatures on Earth. Peace and love to all of nature. Peace and love to all the water. Peace and love to the air we breathe. Peace and love to all the food we eat. Peace, love and abundance to all the work places. Peace and love to all the music, art and all creative adventures. Peace and love to all of our relationships with each other. Peace and love to living in complete paradise of abundance, joy and happiness. Now relax, take a deep breath and exhale gently.

Now relax and enjoy resonating with these words. Every beautiful heart filled dream is now a reality. Every person I see is filled with love and we smile at each other with heart filled communication. I feel relaxed to be in this world full of peace and love. I enjoy my relationships and creativity filled with peace and love. I enjoy knowing I choose peace and love in every moment. I enjoy feeling the endless peace and love in my heart. I enjoy communicating peace and love always. I see my world filled with peace and love.

Now say out loud or quietly within yourself. “I know I am love, I am my heart. I live in a One World Love.” Take a deep breath and then sigh in joy and love. Feel how happy you are now knowing you live in a One World Love. And now very gently and slowly open your eyes. Slowly and gently look around you, feel a gentle smile on your face and see how everything is sparkling and radiating clean beautiful love. When you are ready, go and enjoy your One World Love.”

Copyright Jody Christy & Bart Christy

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Bart & Jody
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Bart & Jody are Twin Flames and have been blissfuly married since 11th August 1999. They formed their band Kosmic Evolution which is known all over the world for the loving music made for blissful enjoyment of living an awakened life.  Bart & Jody’s Divine Purpose is to spread love, light and awakening in the world through their music and live webcasts.
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