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Surround your Children with Peace and Harmony.

Tom, my no 1 Grand Angel said something odd to me the other evening when I picked up him and Oliver from daycare. I was driving them home. Out of the blue Tom said, ‘Jen-ma, one day you are going to have a party. An old man is going to come to your door and tell you something!’
As soon as these words had escaped from Tom’s mouth, I knew instantly he was giving me a message from spirit.
Gee, he’s switched on!

Parents of younger children. Your child, from the moment of birth is ALWAYS born spiritual, not in a religious sense. For the first seven years the soul is still descending and joining with the new-self. Once the child is 7 this process should have occurred. The only reason this may not have happened is if a child has had a shock of some kind. In this instance, the higher soul retreats and has to begin the process all over again.

Surround your children, in the early years with peace and harmony.

Children become more harmonious and anchored in themselves if we adults allow them to join fully together with their higher-soul.

Can you imagine how many abused or disenchanted children are fragmented from their higher-self or soul, all because of our own baggage?

Could this be the cause of so much ADHD or autism, soul fragmentation?

Children are so sensitive.

Parents, to keep your children open to their true spiritual source, try to keep their lives as harmonious as you possibly can.

I don’t have any proof of whether or not soul fragmentation for a child does cause ADHD and such. It was a thought that came to me when I was writing this. It seems very possible to me. I will ask my spirit guidance for some more info on the subject. I know kids are so sensitive, even an argument parents may have in front of them is enough to upset their balance and harmony. Being a parent is such a responsible job to have! You are doing well.

P.S. I have just received some guidance about children who come into a lifetime with challenges or inflictions. Nothing happens in life without a reason. This is the lifetime of clearing karmic debts and lessons. The lesson is not to reject the cause, however accept and work through it lovingly. Something happened in a past life to cause this. Each child comes in with his or her own history. Once the child learns to go beyond the cause of the effect, they can then come back to a place of balance and harmony!
I have a saying, I accept, I bless and I let go in love. If I said instead of, I accept, and replaced it with, I reject, it appears to me like the lessons continue until I learn to accept them.
It would be a waste of the lesson if we don’t take advantage of clearing it once and for all! I am definitely clearing as much as I can, as soon as I can!

From my heart to yours in love, Jen xxx


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