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The New World.

Earth inOur Hands-300x239About a year ago I was given in a dream information about the New World. In the dream I was shown a rotating earth situated right beside the earth we live on now. I was told only those who are worthy and come from love will be transported to the New World. This will happen through a port hole or worm hole. It will happen without us knowing and it will be effortless.
Those who have heard me speaking or have attended my workshops will have already heard me sharing this.
Last night we had our being from the three suns, three moons and three faces come to visit us again. One of the messages he shared with us was confirmation of what I had been shown and told in my dream last year.
The being spoke of those of us who will transcend to our beautiful new planet, a planet that is being holographically prepared for us, an exact copy of this earth.
He said we will not know the difference, except the colours will be much brighter. There will be peace. Harmfulness of the earth we are now on will not be there. There will be no destruction.
Those of us who are highly tuned will become multidimensional beings able to access past, present and future with a thought.
It all sounds so much in harmony and from what I gather this will happen in our time.
I asked about our healing centre we are planning to build. He said it has already been built in heaven, and will be waiting for us when we are transported to the New World.
Exciting times ahead, friends. xxx


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