"Do the great while it is still small. The soul's work shines like gold."

True or False – A Message from Sananda.

Jesus in purple heart and robesDearest ones, sons and daughters of the All That Is, your Heavenly Mother/Father, God/Goddess,

I wish to dispel a few myths you have about me on this day through my beloved, Jen.

First of all, I was in fact placed in my mother, Mary’s womb, however, not in the way you think I was. My conception was made through what we call here, in the higher realms, a star-seed or light-seed conception. I was actually, as many of you are, made or conceived using the light-seed of my Heavenly Father/Mother God, or Goddess that makes up the duality of who The Creator is.

My mother was taken up, though the heightening of her spirit body, to join that of the star-seed or light-seed that was to form who I became in that particular incarnation, known to you as Jesus or Yeshua.

This was not achieved by magic. This form of conception has been taking place for as long as life began.

Many of you believed I died on the cross. I did not. I, through meditative practices, learnt during my travels to India, Nepal, Avalon and many other mystical places how to elevate my soul out of my body, while still retaining the silver cord of attachment to my earth body. This happened by vibrating my energy field to such an extent I could still all the vital organs in my body. This gave the impression I was in fact dead.

It took me many days to come back into my body fully. Many caring hands and herbs, balms and ointments were used to sooth my wounds. To ground myself back into my earth body was not easy.

Once that mission was completed, I was never truly ‘in’ my earth body. From that day forward, until the day I chose to once again dispel my soul from my physical body, into what you call the heavenly realms, I retained my light body, we call the ascended body.

I was not the ‘only’ chosen son of The Creator as you have been lead to believe. I, like you are a facet of the whole. Does not this make us all sons of daughters of the All That Is, or Infinite Light or Source?

So you see, I am no different to you. We are one. We are all.

I was betrothed to my beloved, whom you know as Mary Magdalene. I called her my blue rose, or Magdalena. She was my twin soul, my twin flame. She and I have been together in many lifetimes, although when we were separated, we were never separated in spirit or the heart. Most of our times together, in what you call the physical, were actually not on the earth planet, however in other constellations and universes.

We did have children. We loved and cherished them more than you will ever know, yet, I do understand you know exactly what my words mean, for many of you are mothers and fathers too. The bond of being a parent to a child of God, and the light is stronger than anything ever created. This goes for the animal kingdom, ocean kingdom and nature kingdom as well.

I travelled over many, many lands as I mentioned before. I was fortunate to have lived in a community where I was protected and understood by my soul family, The Essene Community.

My mother travelled with me, along with many of our community when my beloved was unable to. However, my beloved and I were never far apart. We had the gift of being able to release our souls from our physical vehicle to meet up wherever we wished to, usually in the fourth dimension. This did not happen in our dream state. We were taught to do this through the teachings of Isis and the Great Spirit to elevate our energy field to such an extent this became automatic for us through thought and intent.

My teachings were quite simple, yet humans seemed to find a way to turn them around to become complicated.

Very soon, my teachings, the teachings of the divine source, the All That Is will once again be brought out of the closet for you to listen to and live by. My beloved has been chosen to be the one to lead the new revolution towards love, peace and harmony though hers, mine and our Creator’s teachings and ways.

The Way of the heart will be the only way to bring peace and harmony to your earth.

I will leave you with this for now.

I will tell you so much more in Jen’s next book, Heart of Love. Until then, my brothers, sisters, all who are a part of me, I bid you peace and love.

In Light. In love. Sananda.


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